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My work is an investigation on social and cultural issues surrounding breast augmentation, butt implants and lip enhancements. I consider myself an anthropologist artist. Research is the main component in my studio practice. My mediums change but I favor foam and plaster sculpture making, as well as drawing.

I was born in Ecuador and raised in South Florida. Living in South Florida made me highly aware of the disparities between culture values. The exposure to the increasing trend of plastic surgery within younger and older generations made me self-aware of my body and self- image. In seeking why I was different (non-seeker of breast augmentation), I began to research social behavior through social media (FB surveys), and a lot of readings on evolution (Darwin), anthropology, sociology and psychology. In which inspired a body of work of animals with porn-like boobs, butts and lips. As well as a series of work just based on the shapes we are sexually attracted to.

In my search for answers I realized what I was really interested in was mating. For what we do is what we do for others. These “enhancements” women look for are all about sex appeal and staying young. To be young is to be attractive and desired (all for mating reasons). Most say self- esteem is the reason why they get surgery but the truth is, self-esteem doesn’t exist without the presence of others. Therefore I conclude the biggest influence in self-esteem and life choices are the group of friends/people we surround ourselves with. The second influence would be what is mainstream like porn and celebrities like the Kardashians.

Hierarchies are important in my work. I use animals who have the sheeple[1] mentality or used animals who have a hierarchy society in which influences their sexual choices. I found that these subjects were related to the type of imagery I would see displayed on social media. But I thought there had to be more than to social behavior and acting like animals for mating. I wanted to know WHY are we attracted to LARGE breasts and butts. There had to be an evolutionary biological reason and of course there was plenty of answers but I have one of my own, in which is that both of these large spheres consist of a cleavage. A cleavage in which esthetically is very yonic, therefore I believe we view sexual attraction through the yonic symbol, creating desire when two spheres almost touch each other. My most recent work is all about what those shapes do to us mentally. Breaking down the body into fragments and exploring echo theory[2]. In sexual behavior exist the attraction to the grotesque and fetishes. I explore the psychological impacts of the grotesque as one can sometimes view in porn.

This body of work explores my research of two years. Exploring self-esteem, social media, American culture evolution, laws of attraction, and the psychology behind sex behavior.


[1] Sheeples are a group of people that follow a trend

[2] Echo theory is a theory in evolution that believes the size of breasts increased in size as soon as the hominids began walking straight up instead on all fours, echoing the shape of the buttock (which was at eye level of when we walked on all fours), and replacing the visual for sexual attraction. Mentioned in Sex At Dawn by Chris Ryan PHD.

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